See What Customers Have to Say About My Junna

My life revolves around MyJunna.  I honestly don't know how I could run my business without it!

Heather Suri, BSN RN CMC

Aging Life Care Manager

Frustrated with corp america, I decided to start my own business last fall. I spoke to multiple software companies, but what stood out about My Junna was Shanna's genuine intent to provide me with an affordable software tool and services that would accommodate my business needs.

She didn't give me a sales pitch like the other companies. She didn't offer a huge lump start-up cost and monthly fee. She simply showed me how the software would work for my new company.

I loved the simplicity of the product, the training tools, the invoicing, billing, and scheduling. What I love the most about this company and product is that Shanna is a nurse entrepreneur, who is helping other nursing entrepreneurs. 

She has been a great resource for me, and is constantly innovating her product and services to support all of her customers as our companies grow. Shanna as provided customization services to suit my business needs as well. Her updates have saved me and my staff  time on multiple tasks. My staff find the product easy to navigate, and simpler than HIT software at other companies as well. 

Great product! Great Service! Great support! Great price! Nurses helping Nurses!  Definitely a win for my company.

C. Middleton, BS, RN, CCM

Owner, Nurse Care Management Solutions, LLC

My Junna is the best thing I could have done for my business. It has been absolutely valuable to me in keeping my clients and services organized. It also helped me more accurately account for billable hours, which I discovered I had been under-billing. They were great in training me how to use their product; it is so intuitive, user-friendly and super easy to use. I am also so thankful for their responsiveness when I have questions. I highly recommend My Junna; it's been a lifesaver.


Heather Eacker

Geriatric Certified Care Manager

My Junna helped launch my practice with intuitive software and excellent customer service. As a care manager, Shanna knows what works for us and is willing to go the extra mile! 

I am elated with my decision to choose My Junna!

Twylla Webb,  RRT, CMC

Owner, Aging Options and Advocacy

Love the program and it is helping me tremendously!

Leslie L. Watson, M.A., C.R.C.,CDME

Leslie L. Watson, LLC
Orlando, Florida

My Junna, you've changed my life! Thank you for such an easy to use and functional care management data system.

Having worked as a care manager for nine years I've researched options and decided to jump in with My Junna and could not be happier! I love the simplicity and I love being part of the inaugural users so I'm able to benefit from all the updates and bonus features from the start!

Three-year contract was all you offered? I'd sign up for a 10-year contract today! Thank you for helping my business and thank you for saving my sanity!

Carla Payne, MA, CMC
Aging Life Care Professional™/ Care Manager Certified
Advanced Professional Level

Aging Care Matters

MyJunna software was just what I was looking for!!! Having my own business and dealing with multiple customers, I was having the most difficult time keeping everything in my head as to what case was next, did I send an invoice, is the invoice marked the correct invoice number, who has not paid me yet, etc. I am not a fan of Quick Books as it is too much for my business and complicated. I searched for a software to help me organize and I found it!!!

MyJunna solved all my administrative issues. My head is no longer full of invoicing, case schedules, etc. and I can now concentrate on my work. MyJunna allows me to organize by providing a task section that lets me look at a glance what is coming up, what I am working on, and what I need to jump on immediately. The invoicing is my favorite. I place my time and prepare the invoice and there it is. The invoice is professional looking and you can even add your own business Logo. I can then send the invoice to my customer and MyJunna keeps track of how much I am owed and how much I have been paid for the year, and when an invoice is overdue. I no longer have to track that, MyJunna does it for me!!!

It is such an easy software to use and Shanna is great with training and will get back to you quickly if you are having any issues during the learning curve. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has their own business.


Deborah L. Augusta BSN, RN CCM, CLCP, MSCC, LNCC

Augusta Consulting, LLC

I feel very blessed that after a long search online I discovered My Junna. I had just started my care management company in late July 2018 and, as a nurse, I had no idea how to run a company! Invoices, how do I create one from scratch? Keep a binder full of business cards from colleagues and vendors? No, I want to go paperless! Add case notes at home (when I’m tired, forgetful and hungry)? NO way, I want to input my notes on my iPhone while I’m still in the client’s driveway and before I make my next stop. My Junna has solved these issues for me without a fault.

Other companies charged a $500 plus fee for “setup charges, My Junna did not. Shanna has been literally holding my hand as I ventured into this new business experience and has been a wonderful mentor in addition to all the other services she provides. How many other business owners have an owner that is also a Care Manager? I like being on the ground floor of a new business because I know that my feedback will be valued! My Junna, you rock!

Jim Boyd, Owner

Butte Care Management

I've only been using My Junna for about a month and it has streamlined my business workflow already! I love the interface, it's so intuitive and user-friendly, and being able to clearly see what tasks are due each day has increased my productivity enormously! I love how the Dashboard is set up! The ability to have all your contacts and vendors in easy reach within the program is a game-changer for me.

You can really tell that this software was created BY a Care Manager, as everything you need to run your business efficiently is right there! And the learning curve was so small I was up and running after only one lesson! After trying other Care Management software, I have to say My Junna does everything I always wished the others could do! Thank you Shanna and Jude, for making my life simpler!

Lisa Cheney, BSN, RN-BC, CMC
Professional Aging Life Care™ Manager

Aging Well NWCT LLC

I am a long term care insurance care advocate. Our practice has grown so quickly that I found myself struggling to find a good system that would not only be able to track new clients, but more important, would be able to hold key documents, personal information and billing for each of our families. We had been using a CRM system that did not meet our needs, but I did not know where to look for a replacement.

Thank goodness I attended a Aging Life Care Specialist Conference in San Diego and met Shanna Huber and her team. Their personal interest in my business and short demo sold me immediately! As a sole proprietor, I have zero time to transfer documents and recreate all of my client files, but I must admit the My Junna system has made my work load lighter. I wanted to immediately begin to upload files into the new program because I was so thrilled with the look, the feel, and the ease of operating within the environment.

I cannot express how happy I am to have this in place. For those of us who work directly with clients and their families, tracking conversations, and holding confidential information in a safe place is a critical part of our continued success. My Junna has exceeded my expectations and I am so, so, thankful to have met their team!

Linda Jahnke, President

Jahnke Consulting and LTC Alliance

Investing in software such as My Junna has helped my business operate more efficiently and has improved communications. Our entire team can access important information, helping improve safety and quality. It is easy to use and has many great features!

Jennifer Crowley, BSN, RN, CLCP | CEO

Eagleview West Life Care Planning

It's very easy to use and I'm loving it!

Jacqueline Boyd, Owner

The Care Plan

As my patient advocacy practice started to grow, I searched for software to help me manage it. After extensive research, I couldn't find anything that was designed for my business. I was actually in the process of building my own database when I discovered MyJunna. This software is extremely versatile and can apply to a wide variety of patient-centric applications. MyJunna has been instrumental in helping me build an organize my advocacy business.

Steven Corn, BCPA Owner

Metis Advocacy

My Junna is easy access from laptop or phone, and the best part is EVERYTHING is in ONE system! I can manage my clients, case notes, billing and marketing referrals all in one spot. I’m so thankful for one system that takes care of all my care management needs!

Meghan Berinati, RCA, CDP

Geriatric Care Manager, Ambassador Senior Solutions

I have been using My Junna since they first launched in August 2018. The system is easy to use and the customer service is wonderful. The owner is accessible and gets back to me right away. We have never had any downtime or problems with not being able to access the system. I also love that they listen to feedback from customers and are always developing new features to make my work day easier. I have a partner who works with me in a different area and with My Junna we can view each other’s clients, stay up to date with appointments and share calendars. I recommend My Junna for anyone looking for a system to help them grow or just simplify their processes so they spend less time on paperwork and more time with clients.

Cindy Flowers, MS, CMC

Certified Geriatric Care Manager
Aging Life Care Professional™, Advanced
Aging Life Care Association, FL Chapter, President-Elect