About The Owner

Shanna started her own business as a care manager in 2013. She knows first-hand the struggles owners of small businesses and care managers go through.


How is Shanna qualified to speak about Health Care Management Software?

At the beginning of her practice, like many others, Shanna was disorganized and had many brochures in a filing system, or sitting in a box on the floor. Business cards were in a stack on her desk.

When she made referrals, she was leafing through those cards and brochures to find the resource she needed.

She liked computers and systems, so she tried to put it all in an excel spreadsheet, which was time-consuming to say the least.

Shanna knew there had to be a better way. She asked one of her friends who was a developer to develop a software system that would organize companies, where she could attach the appropriate contacts to that company.

The list of companies could also have brochures, pamphlets, education material and referral forms attached if needed. She could organize the companies by category.

After this was developed, Shanna was hooked. Whenever there was extra money in the business, Shanna would build out new features she needed.

Eventually, the system was one of the best out there, in her opinion! Other care managers would come to her at conferences and in networking groups to ask what system she used. She started showing her system to others who were interested in purchasing it.


My Junna - Software Created by a Case Manager for Case Managers.

In October 2018, Shanna took the leap of faith and launched her software program for other’s to use. Currently, My Junna Software is used in over 19 states across the country!

Shanna’s passion has always been to help others, first as a nurse, then as a care manager caring for others, and now she has found her true calling to mentor and help other small business owners succeed by providing them an easy to use system that makes unorganized, hectic days become more organized and manageable!


Why My Junna?

People often ask what the name “My Junna” stands for. When Shanna was a young girl of 10 years old, she met her best friend Julie. Shanna and Julie dreamed of owning their own business (which she was later told is not a typical little girl dream back then). Of course, back then it was going to be a beauty salon or clothing business or other fun shops! Julie and Shanna picked out the name “Junna” combining their names and imagining that on a billboard off the streets in Ohio. Shanna hopes all of your dreams come true as well as you persue your passion in life!

As you can see, Shanna is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know to succeed as a Health Care Case Manager!



Shanna Huber, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed, CCM, CLCP, CNLCP

Shanna Huber


Registered Nurse
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Masters in Nursing
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Certified Case Manager
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Certified Life Care Planner
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My Junna, you've changed my life! Thank you for such an easy to use and functional care management data system.

Having worked as a care manager for nine years I've researched options and decided to jump in with My Junna and could not be happier! I love the simplicity and I love being part of the inaugural users so I'm able to benefit from all the updates and bonus features from the start!

A three-year contract was all you offered? I'd sign up for a 10-year contract today! Thank you for helping my business and thank you for saving my sanity!

Carla Payne, MA, CMC
Aging Life Care Professional™/ Care Manager Certified
Advanced Professional Level

Aging Care Matters


I've only been using My Junna for about a month and it has streamlined my business workflow already! I love the interface, it's so intuitive and user-friendly, and being able to clearly see what tasks are due each day has increased my productivity enormously! I love how the Dashboard is set up! The ability to have all your contacts and vendors in easy reach within the program is a game-changer for me.

You can really tell that this software was created BY a Care Manager, as everything you need to run your business efficiently is right there! And the learning curve was so small I was up and running after only one lesson! After trying other Care Management software, I have to say My Junna does everything I always wished the others could do! Thank you Shanna and Jude, for making my life simpler!

Lisa Cheney, BSN, RN-BC, CMC
Professional Aging Life Care™ Manager

Aging Well NWCT LLC


Investing in software such as My Junna has helped my business operate more efficiently and has improved communications. Our entire team can access important information, helping improve safety and quality. It is easy to use and has many great features!

Jennifer Crowley, BSN, RN, CLCP | CEO

Eagleview West Life Care Planning


Giving Back


Shanna serves as a Board member of CGWoman Empowerment Africa.

CGWE stands for C.G. Women’s Empowerment, in honor of the Founder's Grandmother, Cawwaaqe Guuttatta, and the thousands of women like her in Oromia, Ethiopia, who are systematically denied rights and resources, making it impossible for them to achieve economic security.

Through the "Dabaree” process, CGWE seeks to come alongside these women to help provide long-term solutions to their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Shanna went to Ethiopia on a mission trip to teach about hygiene and administer medication for elephantiasis in 2015. She was so inspired by that experience Shanna and her husband are going back together in 2020 to further support and contribute.